4 months goes by fast!

Cindy is still working full time house keeping at the hospital. I've been doing some part time contract work, mostly through http://www.guru.com/ (hire me!), mostly for a company called Whitsell Consulting. Leif did his first set of swimming lessons in January, he starts another set next week. He started going to afternoon day care in February to give me time to concentrate on getting some work done. I had my birthday party here at the house. Mom and Dave came out for Easter weekend. Leif and I went up to Kamloops for my brother's birthday party while Cindy was out in Edmonton visiting family.

The BC election is on Tuesday, get out and vote everyone! I wrote a letter to the editor this week, read it here or here. Some great places to find more information on the Independent Power Producers scheme:
Citizens for Public Power
Save Our Rivers
BC Guardians

Also we're having a referendum on electoral reform, be sure to vote for STV.

We took a hike up Thacker Mountain in January:
A picture named M2
A picture named M3

Bath time!
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Happy New Year!

Wow it's been busy! We had Christmas Eve dinner out at dad's (see his blog) and Christmas day dinner over at Amber's. Leif got good and spoiled! Mom came up New Year's Eve (well New Year's morning, she was running a little late and then got a flat tire by Chilliwack!), and Dave & Rachel came down New Year's Day (they didn't want to brave the snow the night before). They all stayed till Saturday. Cindy's folks had come down for Christmas, but her mom had to go back early for doctor appointments. We had a birthday dinner for Nick over at Amber's on Monday (he left the next day, taking Virgil back to Edmonton), Leif spent the night out at grandpa's. We had like a meter of snow early in the week, and then right after that like 200 mm of rain. My arms are falling off from the shovelling, and then the bailing out our carport to keep our basement dry!

A picture named M2
opening presents Christmas Eve at grandpa's

A picture named M3
opening presents Christmas morning at home

A picture named M4
opening presents Christmas day at Aunty Amber's

A picture named M5
hangin' with the boys new year's day

A picture named M6
heading out to grandpa's - look at the snow!


It's been a while!

I'm still here! I've been kind of busy the last couple of months, commuting down to Abbotsford to do some PHP work. But that's over now. Looking for work again Cindy is doing good, she's past her probation now and just this week started a regular shift, no more grave yards Leif has been having a blast. He was spending a lot of time at Grandpa's house while I was away working. And there have been a couple of birthday parties. Well how about some pictures...

A picture named M2
getting pretty darn good at Medal of Honour Allied Assault!

A picture named M3
Happy Birthday Thandi!

A picture named M4
mmm cake

A picture named M5
10 pin bowling!

A picture named M6
playing at Neela's birthday party


Now with more DOM scripting!


Act now and receive a free clock!!

I set out to add a clock to my Web Windowing project (find the link to it under Projects in the menu to the right), and ended up doing that plus a bit more. The clock was the easy part.

The first issue I came across was local access to directory listings from a "file: ..." URL. My start menu is dynamically generated from whatever is found in the startmenu directory. Everything worked fine in Firefox 2, but in Firefox 3 locally - nope not at all (still worked fine on the web "http: ..."). Apparently they turned that off:


I found a posting about this, well it's mainly about the access to files themselves outside the current directory tree which they also turned off, but they mention  a switch you can set to revert back to Firefox 2 behaviour (security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy), which makes this work, but is the kind of hack that will hurt the usefullness of this locally


So I set that switch and I can test locally at least The next thing I did was to write a bunch of more JavaScript to eliminate the few HTML place holders that were in my original index.html file. The original demo is still up (in the free personal space I get from my ISP) if you want to compare, look at the source for each to get an idea of how trimmed down it is:


The next hurdle I got over was getting some basic familiarity with SSH, PuTTY, and WinSCP. I needed this to get into SourceForge's Project Web, allowing me to set up http://webwindowing.sourceforge.net/ instead of the default http://sourceforge.net/projects/webwindowing/. I have just a basic page up there right now, I'll fancy it up when I have time, but it gives me another place to put a demo (and try out some ideas I have for interoperability between installations...). This was made more fun by the server migrations SourceForge are going through recently


One other minor issue I came across was directory formats. I had already been through this to get it to work locally, Firefox uses (well used, before they turned it off) application/http-index-format to display directory listings locally, while my ISP uses an HTML format. Thankfully, SourceForge uses the same web server as my ISP (just a much more current version!). So the only difference I needed to worry about was the change from upper to lower case HTML. Simple toLowerCase() call to make them both the same.


So there it is. A stripped down to bare bones index.html, a clock, and a new home for it all. Some things to work on next:
-get into readyState to be a little more precise about dynamically including JavaScript files, and hopefully eliminate another difference between server and local installations
-change start menu initialization to be recursive so that you can drop in a sub directory and have it show up in the menu
-more apps! I actually have a simple Notepad-like app built, but it only works locally, and only if you click through various security warnings. I have ideas for a few more, I'd like to get a bit of a collection going.
-SVN - it's only me working on this, but I should get some familiarity with this tool anyway, and I should also get a download package together for anyone else who wants to play with this
-fancying the webwindowing.sourceforge.net page

That's all for now!


40th Annual Brigade Days

Brigade Days is always reunion time, always a lot of old friends coming back to visit. Leif came along to see the fireworks Friday night, on Saturday he went on his first carnival rides (all by himself!), and on Sunday was his favourite the demolition derby. Here are a few pictures:

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A picture named M3

A picture named M4

A picture named M5

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